Who We Are

Mission: The Chimaera Project recognizes the collective voice as a catalyst for social change. We are dedicated to empowering filmmakers who identify as female to fearlessly create, inspire and lead. Our goal is to create change by demonstrating an inclusive model.

Vision: Our vision is to support filmmakers identifying as female to see their project to fruition. We believe that by supporting creative visionaries who are telling the stories that will grow our hearts, open minds and ask questions, together we can lead a movement for positive change in the world.

Creativity: We believe all individuals have the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships and create. It is our belief that only when people from different life experiences and points of view are given a chance to express themselves can we really create change.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement: The Chimaera Project believes the value we gain from cultural diversity, equity and inclusion develops thought leaders, ideas, multiple vantage points and values.

Through our programs we have learned diversity includes (and is not limited to) socioeconomic, geographical, racial, people with disabilities, individuals of all ages and the LGBTQIA+ communities.

We have evidenced firsthand the impact our participant’s film projects have on public audiences, artist communities and the greater community. Our film and media arts projects are shared on multiple platforms, both locally and globally, and with new technology growing exponentially, there are limitless participation and outreach possibilities. We realize we may need to refine this statement as new lessons are learned and keep this at the forefront of each action taken as our organization’s work evolves.

About our logo: The Chimaera is a fabulous creature. She embodies diverse and strong-minded women working in the film and arts industries.

Pronounced: chi.mae.ra