What We Do

The Chimaera Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering female filmmakers and to help change the landscape of hiring practices in the film industry. We take action through our core programs.

TO.GET.HER Finishing Fund Program

2020-2001 Finishing Fund opportunity and guidelines will be announced soon.


The Chimaera Project offers partnerships with community and industry professionals to meet the needs of our participants by providing mentoring in front of and/or behind the camera.  

The New Architects & Outreach Programs

The Chimaera Project offers public panel discussions, film screenings, gender-flipped screenplay readings and networking events that align with our mission to advocate on behalf of female filmmakers.

Workshops & Events

Fun and educational events like our Intro to Action Filmmaking worship presented at the Theater of Note in Hollywood to women interested in moving into a genre that’s dominated by men, action!

Fiscal Partnerships

We are proud to partner as a fiscal sponsor for amazing projects! The Chimaera Project provides a fiscal sponsor opportunity to a limited number of qualified non-commercial projects with female filmmakers and visionary creatives. A fiscal sponsor  partnership allows you, on behalf of your project, to seek grants, hold fundraisers & solicit tax-deductible gifts.