Spotlight Interviews

Ashley Clement

“It has never been a smooth road. I was always prepared for that – one thing people love to tell aspiring young actors is how hard it will be. They were right, but I was also right that I had the perseverance, passion, and to continue to be alliterative, patience, to pursue this career. This career is 90% rejection. You have to be in it for the long game. I think everyone in entertainment can relate to the struggle to care deeply about what we’re working on and then not be completely heartbroken when it’s canceled or you don’t get the part/callback/audition…”(read more)

Carlease Burke

“As far as making the industry and world more inclusive, I can only lead by example.
I believe all people have value and I associate with people based on what they have to offer from the inside out…”(read more)

America Young

“I am a director with a long history in stunts and comedy who loves genre, action and sci-fi stories. Comedy and sci-fi are such powerful tools for asking ‘What if?’ Exploring tough topics in safe ways that make us laugh and think. As long as I can tell a story that is entertaining and thought provoking, I know I’ve done well. I also specialize in finding what lights up others and encouraging them to go after it…”(read more)

Cheryl Bookout

“Art making has been a life-long passion. It is all I have ever wanted to do or be: an artist. This obsession has led me down many creative career paths: I’ve designed and manufactured women’s sportswear, worked as a gallery director, public arts commissioner, independent curator…”(read more)

Tara Platt

“I think we need to be less judgmental of others and more introspective about ourselves. We are all doing the best we can to get thru this thing called life in a way that is authentic and honest to us. You never really know another person’s story unless you hear it from them, so give a little more space for them to be them and you to be you. If you don’t like something let it pass and if you love something scream it from the rooftops…”(read more)

Maggie Macdonald

“I am drawn to roles with physical and emotional battles. If I have the privilege of bringing a character to life through a physical victory; there is something supremely magical and fulfilling for me during that process. I specialize in many fighting styles; with a heavy concentration in sword and weapon work…”(read more)

Sarah Deakins

“I set about writing with more purpose, to have more control over the stories I was putting out into the world and what I was contributing to it. I wrote a play and hired all my friends and we set about telling the stories that excited us…”(read more)

Taryn O’Neill

“What I can now say is that my goal is to create content, whether it be a blog post or a feature film, that explores my deep thoughts about mankind and its future, addressing the uncertainty we all feel while highlighting the underlying connection between us. (Entanglement is my favorite physics topic!) We, as a species, are entering a paradigm shift that we are ill equipped to handle…”(read more)