Advocacy and Action for Female Filmmakers!

The Chimaera Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering female filmmakers and to help change the landscape of hiring practices in the film and media arts industries. We take action through our three core programs: Film & Media Arts, Mentorship and Outreach.

Mission: The Chimaera Project recognizes the collective voice as a catalyst for social change. We are dedicated to empowering filmmakers who identify as female to fearlessly create, inspire and lead. Our goal is to create change by demonstrating an inclusive model.

Vision: Our long-term vision is to support filmmakers identifying as female to see their project through fruition; establish an ongoing mentor-ship program accessible to individuals interested in acquiring filmmaking skills that might not otherwise have access to resources; and spotlight industry professionals who are making major stride in changing the landscape of the film and media arts industries by demonstrating diversity, equity and inclusivity.

Creativity: We believe that all individuals have the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships and create. It is our belief that only when people from different life experiences and points of view are given a chance to express themselves can we really create change.

An amazing thing happened on July 18, 2019!! “Because Things Are Changing” a short film mentoring project led by The Chimaera board member Foster Corder and directed by Erica Peeples.